Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 26 - Double Checking and Acknowledgments

Diet tip of the day: If you're looking up nutritional information for something, always check multiple sources. A dish at one restaurant is not necessarily the same as another. Non-restaurant items can differ a lot, so try to find an average calorie count.

Last night, my boyfriend and I decided what we were going to get before going out to eat. We figured out how many calories it would be for each of us, and figured out that it would fit just fine into the rest of our calories for the day. We got there, and the first thing we did was scrap the whole plan. He got traditional wings and I got boneless wings. At the end of the meal, I looked up what they would be at Chili's. It said they were over 1,000 calories, which I couldn't believe. After a little more research, I figured out they were a lot less than that, but I played some extra Wii Tennis and Boxing just to cover my bases.

To make sure I wasn't making these mistakes with other things, I downloaded another application on my iPod to check all my food choices. It gives me that extra bit of certainty that I'm staying on track. Plus, the new application I added has a lot more exercises and foods on it (even the store brand foods I buy where I work). The only problem is, it requires the internet, unlike the Lose It! app I do most of my food journaling on. So I'm going to keep Lose It! as my primary application, still.

Today, I stopped at the place I work to do a little shopping, and when I walked in, I looked to my left and saw the Starbucks. My favorite Starbucks drink is a Green Tea Frappuccino with whipped cream. I know, you can just feel the fat being injected into your thighs (which seems to be the place most of you gain your weight, according to the poll). Since I started dieting, I have walked past the Starbucks every day going in and coming out of work, and I've managed to avoid buying my dreamy, creamy death in a Venti cup. So today, instead of spending $4 on a big cup of unhealthiness, I bought my boss her favorite drink, a large iced black tea with no sweetener (can you tell she's much healthier than me?). It felt good to do something nice for someone who has supported me in my weight loss while standing up to my cravings at the same time.

I also tried the Couch to 5K workout again. That is the fourth time, and I am so so so close to being able to complete it. I only power-walked through ONE minute of running! I think my issue was that I didn't take a day off in between the workouts like the application suggests. I'm going to make sure I take a day off before I try again, so Monday should be the day that I finally complete Week 1 Day 1. After that, they should get a lot easier the more weight I lose and the more in-shape I get.

Make sure you invite your friends and family to check out the blog. I'd love to get some more feedback and advice! Also, send in your healthy recipes to along with any feedback or personal stories you'd like to share.

And for exercise, get outside and have fun! Play soccer. Play volleyball. Play basketball. Play foursquare. Play catch. Get outside and have fun! High or low intensity, it doesn't matter. Get your bootie outside and enjoy yourself!


  1. Hey Whitney! Congrats on the blog, I read a few posts and it's really wonderful. I wish you the best of luck. Here's my tip, and though I am not sure if it will exactly result in weightloss I think it's still a good one:

    On Saturdays head to the Farmer's Market! Not only can you get your morning exercise in walking to and around the square, but there are TONS of fresh, healthy, GORGEOUS fruits and vegetables that change throughout the year. Additionally, there are TONS of lean meat options too, including beef, pork, chicken, ostrich, and bison!

    Now, there are some temptations like the donuts and spicy cheese bread, but I feel like fresh, locally grown produce more than makes up for it. Not only does it make you guilt-free weight wise, but it is environmentally friendly as well!

    Keep up the good work, and if you decide to go to the market be sure to come say hi at the stand I work at!

  2. Thanks Laura!
    That sounds like a great idea. I think I will add that to my schedule!

  3. You buying me that drink made my day! You are so sweet, and inspiring! I think I need to try your couch to 5K workout too. . . . .

  4. No problem, Katie! I think you'd like the Couch to 5K. You're probably already in shape to do half the work-outs. :)