Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 29 - The Week Before the Week Before Summer

Diet tip of the day: If you go over your calories for the day, DO sweat it. Don't worry about it, but work it off with a positive attitude. If you think of it as punishment, you won't push yourself. You'll feel defeated. Consider those extra calories your reward for the workout you're doing later. (And actually do the workout!)

I'll keep this short. I know I missed yesterday, but I'm extremely busy. I don't have enough time to get in much exercise, much less a lengthy blog. This is my last week of classes before my exam week. At least during exam week you are free to study and space out all of your work to do. The week before exams, you still have classes to attend, information to absorb, and maybe even papers and early exams to take. I'm currently working on an English paper that is due on Thursday, which means I'm neglecting studying for my Philosophy exam (which is on Friday), which means I can't start my History exam until Friday night or Saturday morning, which means I can't start studying for English until Tuesday, which means I can't start studying for my Saturday Religious Studies exam until Friday. It's not THAT dramatic, but it is quite a matrix of things to do in a short period of time.

My diet hasn't taken the back seat, but it's at least riding shotgun for now. I need to keep working at it, and yesterday was the first day I've gone over my calories since I started the diet. I felt bad about it, but I still felt great that I've been so good on this diet. Once summer comes, I will have a lot more free time, and I'll be able to kick my exercise into overdrive. I'm going to be one of those "more than one workout a day" kind of people, hopefully.

I've got to get to class (my last Religious Studies discussion section ever!) so I'm going to get going.

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For exercise, if you're too busy to schedule a workout, work your muscles while you take care of your priorities. My favorite (the easiest!) is flexing my butt and thigh muscles while I'm sitting writing a paper. I don't know that it necessarily burns calories, but it definitely helps tone your muscles. Good luck!

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