Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 15 - Mongolian and Macaroni

Diet tip of the day: When you want to go out for dinner, go somewhere where you can build your own meal. I'm not talking about an all-you-can-eat buffet, but instead a Mongolian BBQ style place. Flattop Grill and BD's Mongolian are two great places to go. They have low-calorie sauces, and you choose exactly what you put on your plate. You can have chicken or steak, shrimp or calamari, even tofu, then load up on veggies. Most of these places have low calorie sauce options (like my favorite at BD's, Mongolian Ginger) and even some options for people with food allergies. Just try to remember what you put in your bowl.

Can you guess where I went for lunch yesterday? BD's Mongolian! I had a 15% off coupon from my work, so my boyfriend and I went to enjoy a healthy and filling meal. That was the first time I've had red meat since I started this diet, which I don't think is technically cheating, but I got a little over exited about the NY Strip. I like to make a sauce using their Mongolian Ginger, Lemon, and Sweet Orange Peel sauces and add a little ginger and cayenne pepper from their spice selection. I am almost positive those other two sauces aren't low calorie, so I'm gonna have to work off those calories this week.

I also broke my diet last night, which I am not proud of. It was homemade macaroni and cheese night at my boyfriend's house. Can you blame me? Well, yes, you can. That's why I'm telling you... so I'll actually do the exercise to work it off. I didn't have a whole plateful. I actually filled up my plate with salad and light Thousand Island dressing. But I'm sure the little bit of Mac n Cheese I ate will have me on the treadmill or exercise bike when I step on the scale tomorrow.

That's my main thought today. I don't think I've lost anything this week. I haven't been as strict with my diet this week as I was the first week. I don't expect to lose 8 pounds every week. I know I have to be realistic and know that any diet change would cause me to lose the weight I did last week. My parents remind me about the whole water weight concept, and that I might just fall into a rut right away again. So this exercise plan needs to kick into high gear sooner rather than later.

I was looking at the poll about cheating on your diet. I voted that I cheat on my diet with carbs. Why am I surprised that I gave in to the temptation to eat pasta? :)

I'm so glad that more people are becoming followers. Keep on spreading the word! And thanks so much for commenting. I took the advice of one of my followers and made a Facebook group with the same title as the blog so you can invite your friends to check out the blog.

Finally, an exercise tip. If you don't want to walk around the block (whether it's because of a bad neighborhood or unfriendly neighbors), try walking up and down your stairs. When you go upstairs, walk back down and up again. You don't need to buy a Stairmaster to master the stairs in your house.


  1. Great idea about the Mongolian grill! You feel like you're treating yourself but it's YOUR choice what you eat.
    Don't beat yourself up about the mac 'n cheese. At least you chose something you really like instead of filling that void with all kinds of junk food when all you really wanted was mac 'n cheese. :)

  2. I absolutely adore Mongolian BBQs. Now you've made me hungry for it! lol