Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 18 - Early Mornings and Days Off

Diet tip of the day: Instead of putting your turkey sandwich in a giant roll, wrap it up in a spinach, herb, or sun-dried tomato/basil wrap. You'll cut down on the bulk and the calories.

This morning, I woke up and showered and decided to curl my hair. My hair is naturally wavy, but sometimes I really like to go all out. About half-way through, I realized how much time I was spending to get these lovely locks that I was just going to wash away in the shower tomorrow. Instead of spending an hour on looking good for a day, I should spend 20 minutes running to make myself look better every day. Think of the weight I could lose if I exercised half the time I spend on my hair and make-up and clothes...

I think I'm going to start getting up 10 minutes earlier, going for a short run, showering, and doing minimal make-up. It's not that I couldn't go without make-up, I just enjoy putting it on. So if I cut out any time I usually spend on my hair and half the time I spend on my make-up, I should start dropping the pounds really quickly.

Speaking of which, I figured out the scale situation, I think. I weighed myself this morning when I woke up, which is what I've been suggesting all along. It turns out I've lost more weight than I thought! I weighed myself throughout the rest of the morning, and it seemed pretty consistent. So I'm going to start using the new scale I bought for my official weekly weigh-in. And I'm changing my weight for this week to 267 lbs. Which means I've lost 15 pounds in two and a half weeks! This is a great start to me diet, and I'm really excited to keep this up.

Today, my boss called me and told me they were really slow. She asked if I'd like the day off, and I'm working Saturday and Sunday, so I gladly accepted the offer. I'm going to surprise my boyfriend, who gets off work at 3, and then hopefully we'll take a nice long walk around his neighborhood before dinner with his family.

For exercise, instead of waking up and spending an hour on your hair, go for a quick walk or do some stretches in your living room. Stretching in the morning will wake you up and get all the kinks out before you start your day. It will also relax your muscles and give you a pleasant morning.

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